About Hailey Dallas

Hailey Dallas is one of the UK's leading experts in Microblading. After graduating from the PhiAcademy Hailey developed her 'One-Pass' microblading technique which achieves the perfect brow shape whilst maintaining optimum skin health. She has been teaching her expertise to people all over the world since 2018.

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Our mission

This course will help you to achieve optimum healed results with 'ONE pass' Microblading. My ‘ONE Pass’ Microblading technique provides the best possible healed results. Throughout my Microblading career, I have tried numerous techniques and varied the Microblading process to suit the needs of the client. I fully promote the ‘ONE Pass’ technique for a number of reasons and strongly encourage artist’s do adopt this method.

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Benefits of the ONE Pass method:

Reduces time Reduces cost

Hailey Dallas Brows 'ONE Pass' reduces time as you are only making the hair stroke once with the blade, as opposed to repeatedly working over the same stroke with the blade to try and implant ample pigment into the channel. Making a number of strokes over the same area can result in double strokes and less precision. Cost is reduced using One Pass as the improved healed results ensure that the clients Microblading will have the best possible healed results which will then require less treatments/Touch Up appointments etc.

Less trauma to the skin

There is a notable reduction in trauma using One Pass. One pass over the treated area is so much kinder to the skin than multiple strokes, reducing swelling and redness. The skin will heal quicker and better. The One Pass teaching method eliminates the need for numbing.

More precise work

One Pass Microblading ensures that the pigment is successfully inserted into the hair stroke. The hair stroke will be created in the epidermal layer with only one scratch, implemented at the correct depth, which will give the best possible healed results.


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